Here is why Women Need More Sleep than Men

Do you know that women need more sleep than men? Here is why there is difference between sleep requirements of both men and women:

 Women Need More Sleep

There is no denying that sleep is one of the most important processes for human beings’ health and survival. During sleep, our brain repairs itself from the exhaustion and usage during the day. A brain structure known as the cortex, which is responsible for thought, memory, language and many other processes, recovers itself and gets disengaged from the senses, says a sleep expert. It is a known fact that women and men have different needs and their brains work differently. Similarly, sleep patterns are also different for men and women, and women need more sleep than men. However, what causes the difference between male and female is something we should know about. There are a few reasons listed out about the differences in sleep requirement between men and women:



Research at Loughborough University found out that the reason women require more sleep than men and the reason they are more tired is because of our brain. Brains of men and women work differently, women have more complex brains according to research. Not only this, but women also use their brain for analytical and intuitive thinking. Women use their brain more than men because of the added responsibilities and tasks assigned. They spent more part of the day working than their male counterparts, and that’s why their brain is used more than males. Sleep makes your brain calmed down, and that’s why the more your brain is exhausted, the more sleep you need.



Women do a pile of work in a day while men only have to go to work and come back home to find their lunch on the table. In an ever growing world and its growing demands, women are required to work twice as hard as men. Nowadays women are not only homemakers, but they are also working to support their families financially. A working woman comes back home, make dinner, take care of her children and also help her children with homework. Other household chores are also considered women’s responsibility. These are the expectations of the world from women to make the home as well as work like her male partner. Most of the women are doing a phenomenal job and handling both home and office like a pro. However, such high amount of multitasking comes at a cost, and that’s why women require more sleep time than men. If women do not sleep according to need they become prone to anger, stress and health problems.


After mood swings and weight gains, sleep deprivation can be blamed on hormones too. It is a fact though that hormone can cause lack of sleep in women. Hormones are fluctuated throughout the women’s monthly cycle causing fluctuations in sleep too. Progesterone, the sex hormone, is secreted in higher amounts in the last two weeks of the cycle. That is the reason sleep deprivation can cause very negative effects on woman’s hormonal as well as neurological health. Some of the health issues associated are a disturbance in adrenal function, reduced serotonin production and worse PMS symptoms. Irritable mood, grumpiness, and feelings of worthlessness are all due to the lack of sleep in females.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation in Women

Sleep deprivation is associated with side effects and even terminal diseases. Chronic sleep deprivation can take you closer to death and decline your health. A woman who gets more exhausted while performing her daily duties also require more time to rest. If she does not get enough and uninterrupted sleep, she could get ill physically as well as psychologically. A list of adverse side effects of sleep deprivation is given below:


Obesity is a problem on the rise nowadays and one of the possible causes of obesity can be sleep deprivation. If you sleep less than seven hours a day you are going to gain weight because lack of sleep is associated with obesity.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Lack of sleep put you at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases which can also prove fatal for you. Many longitudinal and cross-sectional studies have confirmed the authenticity of this that lack of sleep increases the risk of fatal and nonfatal heart attacks. Impaired glucose tolerance, hypertension, and stress can be the causing factors of developing CVDs.

Effects on Endocrine System

Secretion of hormones requires a sound sleep, and endocrine system is badly affected if you are not getting enough sleep. This can lead to problems of a reproductive system like menstrual problems in females and loss of libidos in both males and females.

Weak Immune System

Your defense against diseases will be weakened if you do not get enough sleep. Sleep helps the production of cytokines which fight the foreign substances like bacteria and viruses so you can walk germ and disease free. However, lack of sleep does not allow these substances to create making you prone and vulnerable to viruses of common cold and flu.

Effects on Central Nervous System

The most badly affected system by sleep deprivation is a central nervous system (CNS) which is the main system to perform every task in the body. Deprivation of sleep does not only affect CNS, but it also affects the emotional and psychological domains of human life. You will feel irritable, agitated, hostile and outraged all the time if you are sleep deprived. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause more serious problems like depression, stress and in some cases even hallucinations. Poor concentration and impaired memory are also included in the effects of sleep deprivation on CNS.


Some of the people have trouble falling asleep or keep waking up during sleep. There are a few solutions that can be applied in order to get a better quality of sleep:

  • Antidepressants also have muscles relaxant in it, and that’s why you can sleep for longer time periods.
  • According to a research, only twenty minutes increased amount of sleep can have great benefits. Manage your household chores in a manner that you go to sleep twenty minutes earlier than your usual bedtime.
  • Switch off all of your devices at least one hour before going to bed and dim the lights.
  • Take your time to relax before actually going to sleep.
  • Women are sensitive to noises, that is the reason you should try to lower all the interruptions and noisy items across your house.
  • Take a warm shower before going to bed or listen to light or calm music.
  • Have a good lumbar support matters and try to make your bedroom environment as relaxing as possible.


Sleep deprivation is not good for anyone especially females. Women need more sleep than men and unable to sleep properly can lead to many health-related problems like obesity, reproductive and cardiovascular diseases, etc.. Follow the tips mentioned above to improve your quality of sleep and enjoy a healthy life.

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