Do you experience seizures during sleep?

Seizures during sleep can also be dangerous and are not something that one should ignore. Here are its symptoms along with how to treat them:

What does it really mean to have seizures during sleep?There a lot of explanations out there for this particular condition. Mainly it takes place due to some electrical activity in the brain which causes the human body to react in certain ways; these movements result in twitching whereas sometimes you lose control over your body. Seizures at times can be dangerous depending on various factors which include the position of the patient while sleeping; the presence of harmful objects nearby or even if in a certain case a seizure goes ignored. Let’s dig in a little bit more:



There are almost 40 different kinds of seizures out there, but the symptoms one experiences are more or less the same. We’ll get into some of the most popular ones. People who experience seizers almost every night get used to a certain scene in front of their eyes when they wake up, which can be an injury, headache, and pulled muscles, etc., but this varies in different patients. It is a known fact that seizures mostly take place during sleep, but the timing obviously differs. They can occur the moment you fall asleep, an hour or two before you wake up in the morning or when the patient is in a deep sleep. A person suffering from seizures undergoes sleeping disorders, unconsciousness, drooling, quick eye movements, often falling over your bed and suffocation, etc.


Unlike other medical conditions, it is rather difficult to diagnose seizures mainly because of the reason that they take place when a person is sleeping. The symptoms which a patient suffers from during seizures appear to be something which takes place in the normal course of sleep. The regular occurrence of these events tends to alarm the patient, and it is then when a doctor is consulted. It is even harder to know how long a person has been going through such a condition since as stated before, it takes place during sleep. The most common test used for the diagnosis of seizures is EEG which stands for Electroencephalogram. In this test, electrodes are attached to your head with the help of a sticky substance. This test helps to identify whether a person is suffering from seizures or not.


How to keep yourself safe if you experience seizures during sleep? – Treatment

There is absolutely nothing to worry about if you are a person who is suffering from this condition. Seizures are quite normal and can very well be treated; you just have to follow whatever your doctor has prescribed. Meanwhile we’ll dig into some important things which need to be taken into account while dealing with seizures and how they can be treated:

  • First and for most it is very important to take the right medication for seizures. As stated earlier, seizures tend to vary from person to person, so there is a possibility that what suits another person might not suit your body, so this needs to be taken into account.
  • Try as hard as you can to take some control over you seizures. Before going to sleep you need to make sure that there is nothing dangerous around you, for example a knife or a scissor.
  • You need to make sure that your doctor is aware of the changes which occur during the course of treatment, every small detail counts.
  • If you notice that the medicines you have been prescribed are not working then you need to tell that to your doctor right away. Don’t let anything go unnoticed.
  • Never be short of pills. When you are under the process of treatment you need keep a check on the medicines and if they are not enough, refill.
  • It is very important to have a good night’s sleep during seizures, the less you sleep the more ill you feel, you suffer from headache and swollen eyes etc. So if you are unable to sleep, tell that to your doctor so he/she can find a solution to that.
  • Another treatment for seizures is anti-epileptic drugs. They work in order to control the electrical activity which takes place in your brain which further results in seizures. So these drugs help control that. However it needs to be made sure that you are taking these pills regularly because a missed dose of this medicine can result in worse seizures.
  • Avoid sleeping upside down, since in seizures there is a very high possibility that a person can die of suffocation while sleeping on their stomach.
  • Although it not so commonly used, but placing a monitor in your room can also prove to be quite helpful. By doing this a person can hear if a seizure occurs, and can even wake up from deep sleep.

These were some ways which can help you deal with seizers.


Seizures are something which most of the times go unnoticed, either due to lack of awareness or the laziness of a person to get proper treatment. It is really sad that seizures nowadays are not given much importance, whereas it is a condition which, if not treated in some cases, can result in the death of a person. If you know any person in your family or surroundings who is suffering from a similar condition, then you need to make that person aware and encourage getting proper treatment.

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